Channel Incentives Management (CIM) Software


BrandMuscle is the industry leader in integrated local and channel marketing. We partner with global leaders in a variety of industries, including insurance, manufacturing, automotive, restaurants, and alcohol and beverage. […]


Gain visibility across all incentive programs retail, consumer, channel or sales Optimize the incentive mix and maximize return on investment

Model N for High Tech

Optimize revenue and contract compliance by eliminating revenue loss with an automated, intelligent solution that handles every iteration of pricing, quoting, contracting, incentives, ship & debits, and channel management. Model […]


In this Age of Experience, transactional customer and partner relationships aren’t built to last. Transform those relationships with Fielo’s Behavioral Performance Acceleration (BPA) suite. Whether you’re rewarding your customers for […]

Blackhawk Network Incentive

CashStar provides merchants with the end-to-end first party solutions and services they need to manage the sales, marketing, production, operations and distribution of digital and physical gift cards across channels […]