AI Sales Assistant Software


Amplemarket is a sales platform that enhances team performance and boosts revenue through lead generation, multichannel outreach, and AI-powered smart actions. With Amplemarket, you get access to data that helps […]


CommBox offers an autonomous communication platform that enables support and sales teams to engage with customers on their preferred messaging channels. With a focus on reducing operational costs, increasing customer […]

Signals (formerly Chatfunnels)

Signals is an AI-powered lead generation platform that identifies and engages with potential buyers who visit your website. It has helped companies find thousands of qualified new contacts without requiring […]


Aviso AI is a leading revenue platform that helps sales teams close more deals and grow revenue through patented AI guidance. Its comprehensive set of intelligent tools and solutions for […]

Humantic AI

Humantic AI is a powerful technology that utilizes predictive analytics to accurately anticipate human behavior. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, we empower sales teams to develop deeper relationships with potential […]

XANT (formerly InsideSales)

Take your sales to the next level with Playbooks, the intelligent sales engagement platform from InsideSales. Designed to optimize customer interactions, Playbooks helps sales professionals to connect with the right […]


Troops is an exceptional revenue communications platform that empowers go-to-market teams to stay informed, intentional, and efficient. The user-friendly platform delivers revenue signals to users’ preferred messaging apps, such as […]


Conversica is a leader in Conversational AI, creating the largest augmented workforce in the world. Our AI Assistants engage in real-time, human-like, two-way dialogue across multiple channels to help companies […]

Revenue Grid

Revenue Grid is a cutting-edge platform designed to help sales and revenue teams quickly identify and resolve revenue leaks, streamline sales cycles, and gain enhanced visibility into pipeline performance using […]


Writecream is a revolutionary marketing tool that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to write high-quality copy for various marketing channels such as Google ads, landing pages, social […]